The Psychology of Weight loss?

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Every new year people taking an oath to lose their weight. 90% of them not able to follow after within a week and others lost the way in following days. Dieting and weight loss is one of the toughest jobs in the universe to excuse.

Weight loss Principles

People need a reward for the actions. When the reward is delayed the-the process what they do will suffer and most of the time ended abruptly. Be clear that any diet plans will not give immediate result if it does, it’s only too short period of time not for a long-term. Another behaviour that affects the weight loss programme is that a person thinks that after following a healthy behaviour for a certain time, he need a break. In his mind, a break is a reward. Here break means eating junk food, not doing exercise and etc.

There is a term in psychology known as “Availability bias”. People ready to eat what is readily available for them.  For example, an individual will choose a coke over juice, which is near to him. All become lazy. Keep away junks from the eyesight of kids even adults.

The link between stress and weight loss.

Stress is one of the main cause of type-2 diabetes and other weight related issues. Stressed people eat more without consciousness and always feel hungry and want more and more. Stress produces hormones which induce the craving signals and finally ended up in eating more junks. Be aware of the calmness of the mind before sit in the dining hall.

A relaxed mind is a good to judge healthy food. To maintain peace of mind practice mindfulness and accept the people how they are. Changing others is impossible and the waste of time, but changing oneself is easier.

Exercises:  Set Realistic target

Dieting and weight loss means burning the calories form the physical body. Generally, when body need more stamina, it sucks energy from fat muscles. When a person does exercise, it will burn excess calorie from muscles. Start with walking, sit-ups, jacking, vibration plate exercises etc whichever is easier for starting a routine.  The important think in doing exercise is a good environment. Join a health club or get someone from your family to support you.

Food :

Move towards natural. It means not going and living in a forest. Eat vegetable which is the source of micro nutrients.  They are the easiest to digest and keeps you healthy. Food needs to be natural and fresh. Keep away from processed foods and Junk foods. Oily foods are carcinogenic and lead to cancer.

In essence, if you want to lose weight and stay healthy, you need to eat right kind of food, do proper exercise, consider weight loss tablets and lead a stress-free life. In other words, total lifestyle has to change for better. You need the support of community, family and friends who can help you to follow your diet and exercise plan. Last but not least, sleep plays a major role in your health. Hence, to stay healthy sleep minimum of 8 hours of undisturbed sleep so that you are fresh and the entire metabolism is invigorated.

Dieting and Weight loss

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