50 Mile

Sunday 18th July 2010 – Start time: 6am

Venue for the event is The Gate Inn Marshside Nr Canterbury CT3 4EB

The 50 Mile Challenge and Moonlight Challenge are organised runs/walks that take place in Kent. The 50 mile Challenge is fun and can also be used as a great way of training for adventure races or of raising money for charity. The challenge consists of a safe 6.55 mile course (total distance: 52.4 miles to be completed in under 15hrs) which allows competitors the option of dropping out whenever they wish. The course record is 7hrs 1min! The route will be fully signed and marshalled with first aid and water stations provided.

We have very kindly been given permission to run on local farm tracks owned by Nick Tapp and David Botting to whom we offer grateful thanks. Please respect their property.

Please do not drop litter of any kind on the route. Marshals and drink stations will have litter bags for your use.

There will be basic changing facilities, but no showers. You will be provided with a bag in which to put clothing and belongings. May we remind you that the organisers accept no responsibility for your possessions. Do not bring valuables to the event.

Car Parking
Car parking will be available. Please ensure that you park in the official Challenge car park – a map will be enclosed with details. Please try to keep vehicles to a minimum. If you or your friends arrive late, or leave whilst the Challenge is in progress, remember that competitors will be on the road, so take extra care.

Registration & Medical
Registration will open from 17.00 – 21.00 on Saturday evening and from 05.00hrs on the day of the Challenge. All Challengers must register before starting. At that time, you will be asked to sign a simple disclaimer regarding your fitness to take part, any allergies you may have to specific medications and your willingness to be treated by the first aid team should that prove necessary.

Time Limit
There will be a cut-off point at 15 hours when the event will be closed. Competitors who have failed to reach the last lap by 1930h will not be allowed to start the last lap.

You may rest whenever you wish for as long as you feel necessary, but remember you must be inside the last lap before 1930h.

Water Stops
There will be a water station every three miles. Use these water stops even if you do not feel thirsty at the time and especially if the weather is warm. Once you begin to feel thirsty, it is already too late – do not allow yourself to dehydrate.

All competitors must ensure their Challenge number is recorded each time they start a new lap. There will be a lap recorder, but it will be your responsibility to ensure your number is recorded as you pass through the lap gate.

Pulling Out
If you wish to retire from the Challenge, you can do so at any point on the route. Between water stops, flag down any of the safety vehicles monitoring the route and ask to be taken to the main control point. On arrival your distance completed and time taken will be registered, and your Challenge number recalled.

Leaving the Route
Once the Challenge has started you may not leave the designated route other than at the start/finish area. You should ensure that you use the toilet facilities at this point. Any competitors found off-route will be deemed unfit to continue.

All competitors will receive a certificate detailing the distanced completed and the time taken. Those covering the full fifty miles will receive a ‘big’ medal to commemorate the achievement. There will also be smaller medals for those completing 30 & 40 miles respectively.

There are no prizes other than the certificates and medals. The Challenge is not a race against anyone else but an individual test of resolve and determination.

There is no official charity for the Challenge. However, you are free to use the event to raise monies for any good cause you choose. Please note that no charity monies should be sent to the Challenge organisers, but to the charity of your choice.

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