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Started in 2001 “50milechallenge” is growing fast and rapidly. We started with a small scale but now we have around 30 content in the city with around 100000 active members.

On this blog we aim to offer the useful information about health and fitness to our clients and outsiders for free, so that they can get benefited with our expert advice.

June 2021
Importance of Shoes
Shoes have turn into a significant part of our day to day life. Shoes were at first intended to keep our feet safe from frosty water, pointed objects and rough surfaces. The late story of shoes was considered to be a sandal of some outline. As mans knowledge of tool’s and leather grew with the […]
Dieting and Weight loss
Weight loss is the program that helps in reduction of body weight when the weight of your body exceeds a certain amount. This can be accomplished by carrying out any particular type of exercise or any health management technique. If you are an obese or a person who is suffering from excess weight, the weight […]
The Psychology of Weight loss?
Every new year people taking an oath to lose their weight. 90% of them not able to follow after within a week and others lost the way in following days. Dieting and weight loss is one of the toughest jobs in the universe to excuse. Weight loss Principles People need a reward for the actions. […]